What is a letter of intent used for

A letter of intent is that kind of a letter which is used by a person or any organization to express their desire or intent to carry out a task, enter into a contract, work at a job position etc. A letter of intent is generally a formally used letter which clearly defines the intent of the sender so as to bring the same into the knowledge of the recipient.

Such letters are used in many kinds of settings for different purposes or reasons. The following given categories are the main types of letters of intent and also mentioned is the purpose for which each is used for:

  • Letter of intent for a job: these letters are used by applicants to express their desire to work at a particular job position in a company and are sent to the recruiters or employers of that company. These letters act like cover letters or application letters.
  • Letter of intent in real estate: a letter of intent is also used in real estate field where intent is expressed by an individual or an organization to purchase or buy a certain property.
  • Letter of intent in schools: a letter of intent in case of schools is used in the case when a group of students express their intent to form a sports club or a school student’s club etc. These letters are directed towards the school authorities.
  • Letter of intent for a child with disability: such letter of intents is used by the parents of disabled children to give the entire history and information about the child so that they can be taken care of by NGOs or other such organizations in case of death of the parent or guardian.
  • Letter of intent for agreement: a letter of intent for agreement is a letter which is used by a party to express its desire to form an agreement with another party.

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