What is a letter of intent for a job

A letter of intent for a job is a kind of a formal letter that is equivalent in purpose and importance to a job cover letter. A letter of intent of this kind is used by those persons who are applying for a job position in a company or an organization and wish to let the employer know about their intent and objective for applying for that particular position. These letters are very important in nature and are used very commonly by many job applicants.

The following given points shall help to explain in detail what a letter of intent for a job is:

  • A letter of intent for a job explains the various reasons due to which the applicant has applied for the job and what are the reasons for his/her interest in that particular stream or field of work.
  • A letter of intent is a letter that lets the recipient know that the particular applicant is interested in a certain position in the company and would be willing to be hired on it because of the skills and qualifications that he/she possesses.
  • A letter of intent for a job also acts as a medium through which the candidate or applicant can talk about his/her work experience details and qualities that make him/her suitable and apt for the job position.
  • A letter of intent is an impersonal form of letter which is used in official situations and is a means of communication and correspondence between the applicant and the employer or recruiter.
  • A letter of intent acts as a bridge that links your career goals and your reasons for interest in the organization to which the letter is sent.
  • A letter of intent for a job can be considered as a more detailed cover letter.

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