Volunteer Letter of Intent


Martin Derek

Hiring Manager

Green Hopes Child Society



14TH January 2013

Subject: Volunteer letter of intent

Please consider my letter of intent as I write to express my interest to apply for the volunteer position as advertised by you in the magazine “Youth Daily”. This is in reference to the article that I read wherein you announced for volunteering to serve children and deprived sector of our country. The announcement caught my interest and I believe that my consideration and determination to work for such a noble cause would help me earn the position of an active volunteer.

After completing my graduation, I gained 3 years of experience of working with children, understanding their problems, educating and serving them. It is my passion and desire to work for such a noble cause as you offer. I am greatly interested to apply for being a volunteer at your child society so that I can contribute significantly with my caring approach, loving nature and humble attitude. I can assist children with their daily activities, leisure hours, teaching and learning.

I assure you that I would prove to be an active and a dedicated volunteer at your organisation. I look forward to meet you in personal regarding the same. Enclosed with this letter is my resume for your kind referral. For any kind of information, please contact on 8382922.

Thanking you!


Joseph Carton

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