Tips for writing letter of intent

A letter of intent is a formal document or letter that is written by an individual to showcase or express his/her intent for a particular job, business deal or an agreement. Letters of intent are written in many cases and backgrounds but the most common type of letter of intent is an employment related letter of intent. A letter of intent of this kind is written so as to express the intent to work in a particular organization at a specific job position. These letters can be considered equivalent to cover letters. If you wish to frame your own letter of intent, then refer to the following given tips that will be very helpful for you:

  • A letter of intent must always be written by following a formal format of letter writing.
  • A letter of intent must be written extremely politely and in such a way that your true intent is effectively expressed through your words.
  • Start the letter by giving the name and address of the recipient in the left corner of the letter.
  • Follow this by giving the date on which letter is written. This should be done in dd/mm/yy format.
  • The next part of the letter must contain the formal salutation and subject. The subject must state the reason for which letter is written
  • The body of the letter must sound sincere to the reader so that he/she can sense your actual intent of being appointed at the job position for which you have applied.
  • The body must be divided into 2-3 paragraphs.
  • You must talk about your future goals and how working in the company will help you to achieve these goals.
  • The letter must be closed properly by saying thank you to the recipient and with your signature and contact details.

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