Termination of Letter of Intent


Henry Cooper

Public Relations Manager

Bates Cleaning Services

67 Queen Mansion Road

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 3490

Dated: 23rd of April 2012

Subject: Letter of intent for termination

Respected Mr. Cooper,

This letter is in regards to the contract entered with your vendor service provider company in order to provide cleaning services to our office premises. This is to bring to your notice that we have decided to terminate the contract.

We had entered into a contract effective from 1st January 2012 as per which you needed to provide us cleaning services on a monthly basis till the contract expires. The contract was suppose to expire on 31st December 2013, but we have decided to terminate the contract before the expiry date.

We are not satisfied by your services and this is the reason that has compelled us to make this decision. You were suppose to send your cleaning staff to our premises once in every week, but it has been almost 3 weeks and your staff has not turned up. Above that you were also supposed to take care of the plumbing services, but still the washrooms sewages are blocked.

Thus we intent to terminate the contract with immediate effect.


Norman Creed

Administration Manager

Glen Manufacturers Limited.

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