Sample Letter Of Intent

(Your Address)

To: (Name of the designated person)

(Address of the house)

(Recent date)

Dear Ma’am,

Good day with you and you’re family; I had written this letter to make a request for you to make an agreement to our settlement that the money that has been lend on you amounting of $120,000 for the payment of your debts in the bank can be reimburse by giving your own car and jewelries that has been at my tenure at the present. With all of this at my hand I am in confidence that you will be at sure to pay your debts at me. I had given a deadline that within three months upon the lending of the money that it should be pay at the exact amount at my bank account with my presence. After paying all of your debts at me all of your properties at my hand will be immediately return to you at the same piece and in good conditions. I also prepared some papers needed to make this agreement legal and can be notarized at finishing all the needed procedures for some settlement if some problems occurs at the future. I can be at reach if you want to make some changes with my plans for the settlement of your sum unpaid, may all be run according to our plans. Please inform me immediately if some problems occur at the time of  your payment so I would know. Thank you

Yours sincerely,

(Your Signature)

(Your Name)

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