Real Estate Purchase Letter of Intent


Fred David


123-Park Street

New York


14th January 2013

Subject: Real estate purchase letter of intent.

Respected Mr. David,

We hereby submit our letter of intent for the purchase of your real state property number 32, address – 123 Park Street, New York. This is in reference to the advertisement in Daily Times dated 10th January, announcing the selling of your property.

With this letter we wish to state that we would like to acquire your real estate property along with its facilities such as the located park, car area and other real estate assets. As mentioned by you in the description, we hereby agree to pay you a sum of $1000 as a part of the advance deposit.

After careful consideration of the terms and agreements as mentioned on your website, we agree to purchase your property. The enclosed document would further detail you about our needs and pay deposits.

Please consider this letter of intent as a final purchase letter. I look forward to meet you in personal for the execution of the real estate purchase.

For further details and information, you may contact on 3738283.

Thanking you!


Troy Walt

Trenton Street

New York

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