Psychology Letter of Intent


George Joe

Senior Psychologist

Care and Health Clinic



14TH January 2013

Subject: Psychologist letter of intent

Respected Mr. Paul,

Please consider my letter of intent as I wish to apply for the job post of a psychologist at your clinic. This letter is in reference to the advertisement as advertised in the Magazine “Doctors and you”, announcing the job vacancy for the said post. Through this letter of intent I offer my candidacy and the enclosed resume would detail you about my experiences, skills and qualifications.

I have completed by Doctors of Psychology degree from the Florida Medical College. My year long experience as a professional psychologist at hospitals and clinics has skilled me with proficiencies of carrying out research works, analysing the disabilities of children, married couples, old aged and people of all age groups. I am a confident, loyal and a skilled doctor, who aims to quickly recognize the problems of my patient and provide needed care.

With my meticulous work approach, I am sure that I would prove to be a best psychologist at your clinic. I look forward for an opportunity to meet you in personal. For further details, please contact 38293292.

Thanking you!


Dr. Bob Noelle

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