Physician Assistant Letter of Intent


Joseph Jane


Sunrise Hospital



14TH January 2013

Subject: Physician assistant letter of intent.

Respected Mr. Paul,

I am submitting my letter of intent to express my interest to apply for the job post of a physician assistant at your hospital. This application is in reference to the advertisement as published in the local newspaper Daily Times, dated 10th January, mentioning the job requirements and the candidacy requests. Please consider the following letter of intent and the enclosed resume to have full details about my qualifications and skill sets.

As a physician assistant, I am skilled and determined to work under the direct supervision of the senior physicians and surgeons. My past working experiences has equipped me with basic clerical skills as to prepare and set the treatment room for the patients, attending phone calls for the doctors, scheduling appointments with the patients, prescribing treatments and medications as per the instructions of the senior physicians etc.

I assure you that I would provide preventive therapeutic and diagnostic health care services to my patients. I look forward for an opportunity to sit for an interview with you. For further details regarding my candidacy, I can be contacted on 20939202.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Jacob Derek

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