Partnership Letter of Intent


Neil Diamond

Managing Director

Vodafone Telecom Services Limited

32 Tight Way Road

South Hall, UK 3490

Dated: 7th of August 2013

Subject: letter of intent for partnership

Respected Mr. Diamond,

This letter is to express the interest of our management to enter into partnership with your organization in order to provide telecom and broadband services. It would be profitable if both the organizations become partners.

We have been specializing in telecom business since last five years and we believe in providing convenient service at economical price and we have a strong customer base. Your organization provides excellent telecom network to the consumers. I believe that if we join hands together we would be able to have monopoly in the market. I am sure that your team of technical experts would be able to help us to provide better service to the customers.

I am enclosing the partnership agreement along with letter for your reference. In case of any query you can please feel free to call us on 768680-88. Please let us know when we can meet to discuss further. We will wait for a positive response from your end.


John Woo

Business Development Head

Electra Telecom Services

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