Letter of Intent to Purchase Business


Mathew Fergusson,

673, Bundy Drive,



19th December 2013

Sub – Letter of Intent to purchase business

Dear Mr. Fergusson,

This letter is in reference to the discussion we had over the telephone on the 16th of December 2013, with regard to the sale and purchase of your grocery store, Mathew’s Fresh Supplies. It is after a close consultation with my family members that I have decided to purchase your business and shift to California to start afresh. As a grocer, I understand that I need to have a pleasant disposition and professional demeanour; I can understand that your buyers, from the locality must be very fond of you. I can assure you that, though it might take me some time, I would take care to do complete justice to your customers and become their favourite grocer.

As a grocer looking for a steady shop to buy, it was important for me to get in touch with someone like you who would be ready to sell it, since I have wanted to move to California with my family as my parents are there. I hope the terms and conditions of our sale and purchase of practice remains non binding.

I wish you all the success in the future.

Thanking you

Peter Jackson



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