Letter of Intent to Hire

(Name and position in the corporation)

(Name of the corporation)

(Address of the corporation)


(Name of the employee)

Dear (Name of the employee)

This letter is a respond to the request you have been submitted to us several weeks ago for your interest to be a business consultant of this corporation. This letter is to inform you that you have been hired as a business consultant of this corporation upon reviewing your records and files. We are amaze about yourself and your experiences in this field with your accomplishments with other companies, we are interested to hire you and be one of us. We are looking forward that you could work at this company and be an asset to us. We would train you for a month before being a regular employee on this corporation so you can take the role as a business consultant. This corporation only hires person with excellent skills, had good working relationship with others and with great communication skills to clients, so we hope that we are right to hire you as one of our personnel. With this enclosed letter is the list of requirements needed for your recruitment and the time and dress needed for your interview with the head of our human resource department of our corporation at our main building. If you are not interested anymore at our position, please call us immediately upon receiving this letter at our contact number. Thank you


(Manager of the corporation)

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