Letter of Intent to Employer


The correspondent,

London School of Arts,

#4, Weymouth, Dorset,

London, DT4

Date: 25th July 2012

Subject: Letter of Intent for sick leave

Dear Sir,

I am Pamela Gomes working in your school as a high school teacher for the past 4 years. I am teaching Science to high school students. I have not been keeping well recently and was on leave for the past couple of days. On detailed medical examination I have been diagnosed with some gynecological problem and have been advised to take complete bed rest for a period of one month. I am enclosing the medical reports and doctors certificate in support of the same.

On account of my ill-health I am unable to stand for long hours and take classes. I understand that my sick leave at the end of the academic year can be harmful for the students. But I am helpless and would not have requested for sick leave but for the strict advice given by my doctor.

I request you to kindly grant me sick leave of one month and arrange for another teacher in my place for this temporary period. I will hopefully come back after this one month and join my duty.

Kindly oblige my leave request.

Yours truly,

Pamela Gomes.

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