Letter of Intent to Claim


Glasgow Construction Company,

#44, Christchurch, Dorset,

London, BH23

Date: 15th May 2012

Subject: Letter of intent to claim damages

Dear Sir,

We are writing from Norman Lewis Software Company located at #43, Christchurch, Dorset, London, BH23 which is right next to your building. We are hereby writing this letter of intent to claim damages from your company on account of the demolition activities being undertaken by your company since last week.

We have informed your site engineer about the close boundary that your construction site and our building compound has and requested to ensure all safety measures during demolition. In spite of our warning sufficient steps have not been taken by your staff and as a result our compound wall has collapsed causing a lot of inconvenience for our staff to get into the building.

We have called our engineer and have arrived at an estimate of 1234 pounds to rebuild the wall. We want your company to bear the cost of constructing the wall on account of the negligence of your company officials. We are enclosing a copy of the quotation for construction given by our engineer. You are free to come and inspect the collapsed wall within the next 24 hours and settle the claim at the earliest so that we can start the construction process.

Yours Truly,

Jonathan Desmond.


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