Letter of Intent for Transportation


The Manager,

Rugby Software Corporation,

#21, Shepperton, Middlesex,

London, TW17

Date: 30th September 2012

Subject: Letter of intent for obtaining transportation facility of company

Dear Sir,

My name is Alex Henry and I have joined our organization last week as a customer care executive. I am a resident of Gloucestershire and have been commuting by metro every day. With this mode of transportation I am not only spending more money but also spending over two hours to reach our office.

I came to know that our office has a private transportation facility for employees residing at far off places. I wish to avail of the company transportation facility as this will help me a lot in reaching the office and back home in a much lesser time frame. Apart from this I will also be able to save on the huge transportation cost that I may have to shell out when traveling by myself.

It will be great if I can be enrolled for the transport facility from this coming month itself. I will pay the fees for the pool transportation as per our company rules as soon as you approve my availing this facility.

Hope to get your approval for the transportation facility at the earliest.

Yours Sincerely,

Alex Henry.

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