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Good day Sir, I am writing this letter for you to know that I am interested to be one of the scholars of your university. I may be in the despair to say this but I need a scholarship to finish my studies for the reason that my family cannot support my costly tuition fees and my job does not any longer suffice my needs in school. I am a working student at night at a fast food chain. I would do anything to finish my studies so as to make myself a successful man and to help my siblings and parents. I am proud to say that even with my tough schedule I am able to be one of the top students at my school consistently for four years, with good moral character at all aspects and a hard working student to pursue my dreams.

With this I deeply call for your attention my need for this scholarship, with all the qualifications and skills fulfill all the requirements, my aptitude and my attitude will make the scholarship more meaningful. I enclose my records for your reference and my contact number for any notification for my request. I hope your kind heart will be kindled with my story, thank you so much and more blessings to come.


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