Letter of Intent for Restaurant Lease


Laura Marsh

Restaurant Owner

Oven Fresh Fine Dining

76 Universal High Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 5690

Dated: 5th of June 2012

Subject: Letter of intent for restaurant lease

Respected Miss. Marsh,

I would like to express my interest to take your restaurant on lease in order to start my restaurant business. It has always been a business ambition of mine to start a restaurant business.

I have ten years of work experience in the hotel and restaurant industry. I have worked as a restaurant manager for five years with the prestigious Hilton group of Hotels. As a restaurant manager I was responsible for managing the day to day activities of the restaurant, implement new policies for the betterment of the restaurant and ensure that the staff maintains high standard of service. My work experience has taught me all the tricks and trades involved in a restaurant business. I can assure you that I would not ruin the reputation of your restaurant. I am ready to pay a deposit amount of $50000 for the lease.

I hope you agree to my intent and allow me to take the restaurant on lease. Looking forward to your reply.


Tom Moody 

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