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Dear Sir,

This letter is intended to get your attention for the vacant position of financial advisor of this company. I choose myself as the ideal person for the position with all of the experience and skills needed for the intended position. I know how this company works and how its personnel interact with each other to accomplish its goals as evidenced by the past projects we have undertaken and achieve. It was known to all the personnel of this company that I had exceptional success when it came to increase the output and income of this company for over two years. All of my strategies and plans in running several projects of the company are successful and make us known to other big companies. For sometime I fulfill some shortcomings of myself to become a better person and a better employee of this company. I can proud to say now that I am a fully professional and trusted employee of this company and respected by the colleagues of mine.

With all this achievements, I represent myself as the most deserving personnel in this company for the position of financial advisor. I ensure that I will do my best to make myself worth it for the vacant position and lead this company for the accomplishments of its goals and philosophies. I hope you would consider my letter and make the right decision for the position. Thank you.


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