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Dear (grantee)

Good day Sir, this is to notify you that we are astound about the business plan that you are interested to start with, your plan seems to attract client and customers without hesitation to get the product and service you offer to them so with this and with all of the board members of the company, we are interested to support your propose plan and to loan the needed money and material for the proposed business. We will loan you the exact amount of $250,000 as based on the last presentation of your proposed business and can be adjust if the proposed money is not enough and the place for your business. The firm would also voluntarily help you to find your assistant and some employees for you to easily establish your business.

We would like now to inform you on the date of our meeting at Friday at exactly 3:00 pm at the main office of our company; with this day we would start the discussion for the settlements of conditions and signing of contracts for the loan agreement. We would also require you bring to us the list of your present properties and some bank accounts for some assurance for the loan that we are able to lend you. If you have some problems or questions just call us for clarifications. We would hope you would come and start your success with us.



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