Letter of Intent for Graduate School

(Name of the school)

(Address of school and state)

(Your country)

Respected (Put the whole name of the person you are writing to and his/her position in the university and the name of university)

Good day Sir, I (put your name and position in school) would like to inform you to one of our students (put the name of the student) to transfer to your university and to finish her post-graduate course in law. With all of the schools and universities offering some law courses, he finds your school more suitable in his course for the reason that of your strong credibility and well known students who finish their studies in your university. He is one of our finest students here at our school and well educated in terms of his studies and behavior. He got excellent grades since his freshmen and exceptional reasoning skills when in a debate or in an argument. Most of his classmates look at him with respect and foresees him as a great lawyer someday. He wishes to be a public attorney to become a custodian to poor people with problems in terms of their defilement of their rights and to people who can’t get the justice in their difficult situations. I hope you would consider him, with all of the requirements and qualifications are all institute on him as a good and an outstanding student. Thank you for your time for reading this letter, with this letter is the contact number of our school for some notification for our request.

Yours sincerely,

(Put your name) 

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