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Reference: A response to your advertisement stating the need for business manager of your company

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

This letter is a response to your advertisement at the(name of the website of the company) that appeared on (date of the advertisement appeared)

I am a graduate of business management and business marketing at an exclusive school at New York, USA with highest degrees and honors. In addition to this I have passed the board examination for business marketing and business management and being one of the top notcher of this examinations. I had worked at 2 business and 2 audit firms in the past at the managerial position. Consequently, I become a private consultant of a security agency that holds most places at California and become a head of financial advisors of a technology and communication related company at Minnesota.

With this, I find that the position you offer at your company very well suits the requirements of mine and the experience and knowledge you needed to run your company are suited at me. I had a good working relationship with co-workers and no criminal records nor problem behavior at workplace.

I hope to be a part of your company, so I enclosed with this my curriculum vitae for the additional information you needed for my personal background. Thank you for the time to read my letter, I would gladly furnish recommendations upon request.

Yours faithfully, Letter of Intents

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