Joint Venture Letter of Intent


Gary Lawyer

Business Development head

Times Group of Manufacturers

89 Universal High Street

Miami City, Florida 3489

Dated: 10th of June 2012

Subject: Letter of intent for joint venture business

Respected Mr. Lawyer,

This letter is to express our intent to enter into a joint venture business with your organization. It would be a pleasure if both of our organizations can build a business relationship.

We, Good Garments Manufacturers Limited specialize in manufacturing cotton garments and have been doing so since our organization was established in the year 2009. We are aware that your organization specializes in manufacturing woolen garments. We are planning to start manufacturing woolen garments but we do not have the knowledge or the man power to do so. We are also aware that your organization wants to start manufacturing cotton garments. So I suggest that if we can enter into a joint venture it would be helpful for both the organizations.

We can form a new brand that will manufacture both cotton as well as woolen garments. This will help us to control the market and reap more profit. I assure you that the profit and losses would be shared on equal basis.


Jonathan Nolan

Business Development head

Good Garments Manufacturers Limited

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