Fundraising Letter of Intent


Mr. Joel Garner,

# 12, Simona lane,



Date: 11th Dec.2012

Subject: Letter of intent for fundraising

Dear Sir,

On 15th Dec.2012, thousands of men and women are coming together to participate in a 70 miles walk jointly organized by the ‘Cancer Relief Society’ and ‘Human Rights Forum’. The main aim of this activity is to promote awareness on breast cancer, support the cause of cancer treatment and encourage and help the cancer patients by raising fund for them.

We are expecting more and more people to participate and contribute to our fundraising march. We are inviting all the press and media people to cover the occasion so that it attracts large number of spectators and the motive behind this walk is reached to more number of people. This in turn will increase the contribution towards the fund.

You being a big celeb can attract huge groups of people mostly belonging to the cream society who has the capacity to contribute in much better way. So, as to increase the turnout of people, I on behalf of my organization would like to invite you to participate in the walk and contribute to the cause of breast cancer research in your own right.

Hoping for a positive reply from your side


Ravina Claire

Cancer Relief Society.

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