Format of a Letter of Intent


Here the receiver’s name will come

Here mention the designation at which the receiver is working

Name of the organization in which receiver is working will come here.

Here the address of the office in which the recipient is working will come

Date of writing the letter

Subject: here the sender mentions the intent for writing the letter

Respected Mr. /Mrs. ___________ [address the receiver with proper salutation],

First paragraph: The writer in the first paragraph will mention the purpose for writing the letter, which is the intent that the sender wants to express.

Second paragraph: The writer in this next paragraph will mention in details that what compels the sender to write this particular letter of intent to the recipient. Also do mention the process in which the intent can be executed. The recipient’s role or contribution in regards to the intent needs to be mentioned. Also do mention the role of the sender. The sender has to express in details the purpose of the intent. If there is an intent of proving a certain service mention the date of providing the service and the cost at which it will be provided.

Third paragraph: In this last paragraph the sender will mention that he is looking forward to the response and interest of the recipient in the intent.


Name of the person writing the letter will come here.

Address of the sender will come here.

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