Commercial Lease Letter of Intent


Davidson Henry


House number 14, Avenue Street



14TH January 2013

Subject: Commercial lease letter of intent

Respected Mr. Henry,

Through this letter of intent I would like to express my interest to lease out your property situated at Avenue Street, number 21, London, UK. This is in reference to the advertisement that was advertised in the “buying and selling” section of Times Daily newspaper, dated 10th January 2013.

We are interested to take your property on lease for commercial use. We deal with a business of selling packaged food products such as frozen snacks, frozen vegetables etc. We require a commercial spacing of at least 6 square metres wherein we can set up our refrigerators, vendor machine, cash registers etc. We already have 4 branches located at difference commercial areas in the city and we aim to set up our agency at a busy location as well.  Your property appears to be a perfect location as per our needs.

We look forward for a possibility to set up a lease agreement with you. I would welcome any kind of lease payments, procedures and agreements as per your terms and conditions and mutual interactions.

For any further information you can please contact us on 89879-79879.

Will wait for your reply.


Leo Williams


Health Packaged Foods Agency

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