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Respected (put the name of the person you want to talk to, his/her position and address of the school you want to attend to)

(Your name), currently, I am finishing my course at (put your current school) major at law. This letter is being written to let you know my interest to join your exclusive university to finish my post baccalaureate degree at law and to join your association of lawyers to help the community especially the underprivileged people who needs justice to be laid down at their forsaken life. I am pleased to say that I had consistent excellent academic performance and joined numerous clubs that confronts people concerns and needs. I also excel when it comes to some extracurricular activities and in athletics in our school for almost three years.

As you would know I’m interested to join your university to augment my knowledge and hasten my reasoning skills, as being one of the renowned university not only in the country but in the whole world, it is a honor to be a part of your institution and to put into practice its principles and philosophy while pursuing my main goals and aspirations in life.

Here is my email so you could contact me for my application (put your own email address). It will be a great pleasure if you would reply at my email as soon as you get my letter, thank you.


(Your Name)

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